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Super Cruise 30th Anniversary

The Super Cruise concept was derived from a group of Firemen in Ohio, and leading this group is my good friend Kevin Kelly. Kevin will be hosting the 30th anniversary of this unique cruise on Royal Caribbeans award-winning Mega Ship Symphony of the Seas. What he implemented the West Coast Super Cruise benefits from, and we obsoletely apricate his hard work. If you can't join us in California, Let us set you up with Kevin in Florida.

Carnival Panorama  16bit 033.jpg

Every event has a story and behind every story is a great concept. In February 2019 the idea to bring the Super Cruise to the West Coast was on my mind, but it had to be epic, and it had to be something for the entire family & close friends, affordable, exciting, and entertaining. With the arrival of the New Carnival Panorama this would make all my ideas possible. Unfortunately in 2019 the Panorama had a few hiccups on delivery in February so our small group joined the Super Cruise out of Orlando, Fl. in 2021 we all knew what happen when the cruising world stood hostage to the CoVid virus. In 2022 we were scheduled for the WCSC '22 on the Carnival Panorama, unfortunately once again the restrictions would not allow us the opportunity to board the Panorama. So with a quick flick of plans we went on Royal Caribbeans Navigator of the Seas and enjoyed the Rams win the Super Bowl. In 2023 the West Coast Super Cruise was beyond exciting, with my new partner Alex. We were finally on board the Carnival Panorama and doing it at full speed. The 2024 WCSC will be in the record books as a pinnacle event that you will not want to miss...

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